Doyle Banks

Educator | Coach | Speaker | Writer

Creator of The Empathy Advantage

The Empathy Advantage
Online Course

Think you can’t win in relationships?
Think again!

In this course, Doyle will train you on the set of skills he calls “The Empathy Advantage”. Once you learn and begin to apply these skills at home, at work, even in line at the grocery store, you will find yourself enjoying relationships that are:

  • argument-free
  • fun
  • peaceful
  • harmonious
  • interesting

…and so much more.

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The Empathy Advantage
Online Mini-Course

This mini-course offers you the essence of The Empathy Advantage Online Course. Discover the core principles of this life-changing method and create the relationships you want in every area of your life!

The Empathy Advantage
Coaching Programs

If you have taken The Empathy Advantage Online Course or Doyle’s Live Course and you are ready for more, consider applying for one of Doyle’s Coaching Programs. He offers programs for personal or professional development in either individual or group formats.

Programs are designed to help you take the concepts and practices of The Empathy Advantage to deeper and more specific levels, applying them to real-world challenges you face. People who benefit from coaching include:

  • Individuals who want to connect more deeply and consistently with others
  • Couples who want to create argument-free, low-stress relationships
  • Employers/managers who want to reduce and more quickly resolve conflicts in their businesses

For more details and to explore how coaching can get you where you want to be, contact Doyle ( to schedule a free 45-minute Empathy Advantage Discovery consultation.